Bar Lounge

Traditional Experience

Our bar with fireplace and sea view is a cozy and charming space, perfect for those seeking comfort and relaxation in a stunning setting. When you enter the bar, the first thing that catches your eye is the fireplace, which provides comforting warmth on the coldest days.

The decor is made up of elements of wood, stone and metal, conveying a cozy, rustic atmosphere. The sea view is breathtaking.

Large glass windows allow guests to appreciate the beauty of the ocean, offering a daily natural spectacle. During the day, the sun reflects off the ocean waves, creating an enchanting play of light. At night, the stars illuminate the sky, providing a breathtaking view.

The bar menu offers a varied selection of hot and cold drinks, from handcrafted cocktails and fine wines to teas and coffees. Delicious snacks and dishes are available to accompany them.

In addition, the bar with its fireplace and sea views also offers live piano music on certain evenings, creating a lively and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for enjoying the company of friends and family.